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Food Plot Seed

"Mycogen Hybrid Sunflowers"

A "BIG" hit with our dove hunters!

We stock a wide variety of food plot mixes including our own custom ladino clover mix!

Our normal brassica lineup includes:

Graza Forage Radishes

Winfred Forage Brassica

Vivant Forage Brassica

Barkant Forage Turnips

Purple Top Turnips

Tillage Radishes

Impact Forage Collards 

American Purple Top Rutabagas

Trophy Rape

Premier Forage Kale

Fall Brassica mixes:

          "Economy" Brassica Mix

          "Diverse" Brassica Mix

          "Kitchen Sink" Brassica Mix

          "Premium" Brassica Mix

     Call for more details!

"Kitchen Sink" Brassica Mix

"Dekalb" Grain Sorghum after deer ate the seed heads

"IA-MO Whitetail Clover Mix

More images available on IMAGES tab above.

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