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Small Ag Seeds

Iowa-Missouri Hybrids in Keosauqua is your one-stop location for all of your small ag seeds!


  We carry a complete line of small ag seeds for farmers and landowners!!!



Red Clover

Balansa Clover

Berseem Clover

Ladino Clover

IA-MO Whitetail Clover Mix

Alsike Clover

OTHER SMALL SEEDS:                    



     Perennial Ryegrass

     Orchard Grass (early and late maturing varieties)

     Palaton Reeds Canary Grass

     Kentucky Bluegrass

     Birdsfoot Trefoil

     Pearl Millet


     Sorghum Sudangrass

     Hairy Vetch


     Fescue (several varieties available)

     Endophyte-free Fescue



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