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Lawn Grasses

Our #1 seller is "Green Resistor" turf fescue from LaCrosse Forage and Turf.  This blend combines four elite varieties that offer a deep green color, full-season disease resistance, good heat and drought tolerance, and handles traffic well.  This is a low maintenance, high-quality turf fescue that performs well on a wide variety of soils.  It works great in full sun, partial shade, and establishes quickly making it an excellent choice for new lawns, building sites, or filling in those bare spots!

Our #2 seller is "Blue Carpet" Kentucky Bluegrass from LaCrosse Forage and Turf.  This blend combines four to five elite varieties of Kentucky bluegrass.  It produces a lush, dense, intense dark green turf.  It makes a beautiful lawn, but will respond better to a high maintenance program.  

Our favorite lawn mix is 90% "Green Resistor" and 10% "Blue Carpet" Kentucky Bluegrass!

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